Ladies Who Lovebomb: The Podcast!

There’s a lot of gross stuff going on. But there are lovely ladies working hard to make it better.

On Ladies Who Lovebomb, host Jill Hilbrenner interviews amazing women who are creating positive change in this crazy world. And each episode, guests make activism more accessible, with practical tips to stand up, spread kindness and spark change.

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Osub Ahmed inspires college healthcare heroines

Episode 11 // December 7, 2017: At the Black Women's Health Imperative, Osub Ahmed is championing a new generation of leaders and activists. From her home base in DC, Osub leads the program My Sister's Keeper, which organizes groups of university students to speak up for sexual health, speak out against gender-based violence and promote policies that keep women safe.


Kathryn Jones runs an agency of change

Episode 10 // November 22, 2017: When Kathryn Jones co-founded Resistance Media Collective a year ago, she was simply trying to help out Beau Willimon's Action Group Network. But a random meeting, led by the House of Cards showrunner, sparked the idea for a volunteer creative "agency" to serve progressive groups and causes.


Céline Semaan gives us fashion activism

Episode 8 // October 25, 2017: Want to dress like you're on the right side of history? Then take some style tips from Slow Factory, a Brooklyn-based line that funds nonprofits like the ACLU and American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA). 


Tereza Lee paves the way for DREAMers

Episode 6 // September 27, 2017: Tereza Lee was 7 years old when she found out she was undocumented. Her story inspired the DREAM Act.


Amanda Doroshow defends immigrant families

Episode 4 // August 30, 2017: This year has been a hectic one for Amanda Doroshow, a New York immigration attorney who defends women and children through Her Justice


Manal Kahi celebrates refugee chefs

Episode 2 // August 16, 2017: After moving to New York from Lebanon, Manal Kahi founded Eat Offbeat, a food startup featuring cuisines from Syria, Iraq, Nepal and Eritrea.


Introducing Ladies Who Lovebomb

Episode 0 // August 11, 2017: It’s almost time for the show! Meet host Jill Hilbrenner, who started Ladies Who Lovebomb as an outlet for practical feminist activism.

Lovebombers reflect on a very weird year

Episode 9 // November 8, 2017: Congratulations (??) for surviving exactly one year since the 2016 election. This week, we ask four women active in the Ladies Who Lovebomb community how they're moving forward with a spirit of progress.


Yocelyn Riojas is illustrating The Revolution

Episode 7 // October 11, 2017: She's a Latinx designer and illustrator who's busting stereotypes and fighting for immigration rights in Texas, all through the power of art


Diane Probst helps Texas rebuild after Hurricane Harvey

Episode 5 // September 12, 2017: Diane Probst wants her hometown of Rockport, Texas, to come back stronger than ever — so she's raising $500,000 for Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. 


Jessica Toste stands up for LGBTQ students

Episode 3 // August 16, 2017: Jessica Toste — a board member for GLSEN (pronounced “glisten”) — keeps schools safer for all students, regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.


Amanda Litman wants ladies in office

Episode 1 // August 16, 2017: For our very first episode, Hillary Clinton’s former email director Amanda Litman tells us about her new political action committee, Run for Something, which helps progressive millennials run for local office.