Alexis Jones is changing "locker room talk" / by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 22 // May 17, 2018: It's our last episode of the season, and Alexis Jones, the founder of ProtectHer, is telling us all about her mission to change locker room culture. You might have heard the term "locker room talk" used to explain that one lovely conversation that Donald Trump once had when he bragged about grabbing women by you-know-what. But Alexis is literally trying to reshape the conversation that happens when athletes get to chatting about women in the locker room.

More about Alexis: when she was just 19, she started the nonprofit I Am That Girl to boost college women’s confidence. She calls it “a badass version of Girl Scouts.” She's also been a contestant on Survivor and a red-carpet TV host. (Casual.)