Our podcast is moving: Introducing Having a Moment by Jill Hilbrenner

October 23, 2018: Podcast friends, a little news: We shook things up, and we’re releasing new episodes in a brand new place. We've taken all of the best parts of the Ladies Who Lovebomb podcast over to our new show, called Having a Moment. Plus, we've added even more amazing content.

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Special episode: Marcella Tillett is a Planned Parenthood goddess by Jill Hilbrenner

Special episode // July 18, 2018: We're bringing back a listener-favorite episode with our friend Marcella: She's the VP of Project Street Beat at Planned Parenthood of New York City, and she's pretty rad. At PPNYC, Marcella's team uses mobile health labs to bring critical services, like HIV-preventive care, to people who live and work on the streets. Project Street Beat helps people get tested for STIs, find the right birth control, sign up for health insurance and even find info on affordable housing. 

In her spare time, Marcella's a street-style icon (Google her) and a triathlete. No big deal at all.

Special episode: Amanda Doroshow defends immigrant families by Jill Hilbrenner

Special episode // June 20, 2018: We're heartbroken over recent immigration news -- like the family separation "policy" at the U.S. / Mexico border. So, we're bringing back an episode from last summer with Amanda Doroshow, a New York immigration attorney who defends women and children at Her Justice. Even last year, her job was incredibly chaotic. Now, in the midst of shocking news, it's important for all of us to support people like Amanda...and to do our parts to be sure immigrants are treated with respect and dignity. 

Alexis Jones is changing "locker room talk" by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 22 // May 17, 2018: It's our last episode of the season, and Alexis Jones, the founder of ProtectHer, is telling us all about her mission to change locker room culture. You might have heard the term "locker room talk" used to explain that one lovely conversation that Donald Trump once had when he bragged about grabbing women by you-know-what. But Alexis is literally trying to reshape the conversation that happens when athletes get to chatting about women in the locker room.

More about Alexis: when she was just 19, she started the nonprofit I Am That Girl to boost college women’s confidence. She calls it “a badass version of Girl Scouts.” She's also been a contestant on Survivor and a red-carpet TV host. (Casual.)

Cristina Tzintzún is messing with Texas by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 21 // April 12, 2018: This week, we're talking with an extraordinary activist...who says the fate of our country can rise or fall with Texas. No biggie. Cristina is executive director of Jolt, a nonprofit in Austin that helps mobilize the state's Latino population (currently 11 million people) for progressive good. 

Allison Kave loves cakes, cocktails and activism by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 20 // March 29, 2018: This week, Allison Kave is giving life lessons on incorporating activism into your day job. Allison's the co-owner of Butter & Scotch in Brooklyn — it’s part bakery, part cocktail bar, all good vibes. Along with her co-owner Keavy Landreth, Allison has hired lots of women, to the point that it sometimes disorients guests. Every time her staff sells a cocktail, they donate a dollar to Planned Parenthood. And they host public phone-banking days, where customers can take a free shot of liquid courage and then call their elected officials. We love all of it!

Marcella Tillett is a Planned Parenthood goddess by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 19 // March 15, 2018: This week, we're chatting with Marcella Tillett: the VP of Project Street Beat at Planned Parenthood of New York City. At Project Street Beat, Marcella's team gives nonjudgmental healthcare to people who live or work on the streets of NYC, regardless of their ability to pay. That means connecting people with HIV-preventive care, STI testing, birth control...or just lending a listening ear. PS: If you've seen a 30-foot mobile medical lab decorated with Keith Haring designs around the city, that's Marcella's crew at work.

Dana Marlowe is the "bra fairy" by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 18 // March 1, 2018: Got some back-of-the-drawer bras that you know you should get rid of? As Dana Marlowe found out, many homeless shelters can use them, along with menstrual supplies, like tampons and pads. Dana decided to pool donations from her friend group...but after going viral, she created a nonprofit called I Support the Girls. So far, they've given out 350,000 bras and 1 million plus menstrual hygiene products. We're impressed!

Monica Watkins is a modern-day abolitionist by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 17 // February 15, 2018: Monica Watkins spent years traveling the world as a model, but her life changed when she visited Haiti after its 2010 earthquake. She saw the direct effects of human trafficking, which can spike after natural disasters. So, with her friend Jerry Chu, she teamed up with a network of people fighting modern-day slavery and created the nonprofit Beauty for Freedom. Today, the organization helps empower human-trafficking survivors through the creative arts. 

Ai-jen Poo wants dignity for domestic workers by Jill Hilbrenner

Episode 12 // December 21, 2017: For our last episode of 2017, we have a total boss of a guest: Ai-jen Poo, from the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Caring Across Generations. Ai-jen's spent more than two decades advocating for domestic workers' and caregivers' rights, and btw, she earned a MacArthur Genius Grant and made Time's 100 Most Influential People in the World List along the way.