Help the Cause: Ladies Who Lovebomb Events!

The news feels overwhelming, so how the heck do you even start trying to fix things?

With our Ladies Who Lovebomb event nights! Get together with like-minded ladies for 60 minutes of simple, positive action once a month to spread love to our fellow humans whose rights are under attack. Each event, we choose a theme, plan an activity to help out, and pool our coffee money for a nonprofit that needs a boost.

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Show up!
  2. Do nice things
  3. Bond with amazing people
  4. Bring $5 to give our nonprofit partner of the month

Congratulations! You did it!

Contact us for more event info or event guides.


Next Event

We all deserve to be safe

Month 14 // March 26, 2018: This month, Sanctuary for Families is our special guest. This amazing nonprofit works tirelessly to help survivors of gender violence, including domestic violence, sex trafficking and forced marriage. 


Past Events

Fix it, Planned Parenthood!

Month 12 // January 17, 2018:


How do I run for office? Let’s do this!

Month 6 // July 17, 2017


Ladies at the March for Science!

Month 3 // April 22, 2017


Are you an ally for social justice?

Month 8 // September 25, 2017


WTF is going on with healthcare and immigration?

Month 5 // June 12, 2017