Tereza Lee paves the way for DREAMers

Episode 6 // September 27, 2017: Born in Brazil to parents who'd fled the Korean War, Tereza Lee moved to Chicago at age 2. She lived in a basement apartment in a gang-ridden neighborhood, and discovered she was undocumented while still in elementary school. The piano was her escape, and in 2001 her musical talent brought her to the attention of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who introduced the DREAM Act to help undocumented young people like her find a path to legal residency. The legislation never passed, but Tereza's still fighting.

Learn more about the DREAMers who've inspired Tereza:

Tam Tran, a (now deceased) California resident, one of the first to speak out about her status publicly
Gaby Pacheco, from Florida, who walked 1,500 miles from her home to D.C. to advocate for immigration rights
Erika Andiola, an Arizona DREAMer and advocate whose family faced immigration raids