Marcella Tillett is a Planned Parenthood goddess

Episode 19 // March 15, 2018: Meet Marcella: She's the VP of Project Street Beat at Planned Parenthood of New York City, and she's pretty rad. At PPNYC, Marcella's team uses mobile health labs to bring critical services, like HIV-preventive care, to people who live and work on the streets. Project Street Beat helps people get tested for STIs, find the right birth control, sign up for health insurance and even find info on affordable housing. 

In her spare time, Marcella's a street-style icon (Google her) and a triathlete. Living her best dang life, every day!

Samantha Gattsek provided audio editing for this episode.

In this episode, Marcella shouts out:

Living Sure: A New York City Health Department campaign encouraging the use of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, a medication that helps reduce HIV risk) among black and Latinx women.

Ericka Hart: An incredible activist and sexuality educator (@ihartericka).

Tagoe's Closet: Marcella's fashion connection for a certain leather jacket (@tagoescloset).

Brooklyn Bike Crew: Marcella's bike squad (@brooklynbikecrew).